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bandana bibs



Bandana Baby Bibs Handmade in the UK

It’s a Bibble baby bibs and bandana bibs are designed to fit newborn babies to toddlers up to 3 years old.

Our Bibbles baby bibs come in many different colours and patterns making them the perfect stylish accessory for any outfit. Being super absorbent they are also practical and will protect your little one from soreness from trapped dribble and drool and even from accidental food spillages while feeding. The snug, comfortable fit of our baby bibs mean that they are often worn unnoticed by your child and prevents the problem of them grabbing at their bib and trying to pull it off mid feed!

Why Choose Bibbles for Baby Bibs?

All of our handmade bibs are created in Nottingham, UK. We use only the highest quality, locally sourced fabrics to ensure style and superior quality. Our bandana bibs are made from 100% cotton and are backed with fleece to make sure they are super comfortable for your little one. Our dribble bibs quickly wick dribble away from your baby’s skin so as not to cause irritation or discomfort. All our dribble bibs are all machine washable so they are easy to keep clean.

Our baby bibs are perfect for everyday wear and, because they look smarter than a traditional baby bib, are also ideal for special occasions like weddings and christenings. There is a bandana bib to co-ordinate with every outfit!

Our unique combination of cotton and fleece absorbs wetness while the fleece under layer act as a barrier, preventing clothing from getting wet, particularly good for when baby is teething and likely to be producing more dribble than usual!
If you have any questions, contact It’s A Bibble now and ask about our bandana baby bibs.